Country : USA
Pattern is an illustrator & textile designer exploring the boundaries between fine art & design, technology & craft.
Haus of Pattern
Haus of Pattern is dedicated to showcasing artwork from my [NFT & voxel art collections]( Many of the items on display were designed by friends & artists from the Cryptovoxels community. Click on an item to learn more about it, try it on, or view it on OpenSea. Thanks for stopping by!
ScifiPunks Laboratory
ScifiPunks is a limited edition collection of 451 iconic sci-fi characters immortalized in punk form on the Ethereum blockchain. Each 1/1 edition is hand-generated by [@patternbase]( Collect ScifiPunks on [OpenSea]([sortAscending]=false&search[sortBy]=CREATED_DATE). Follow @ScifiPunks on [Discord]( | [Twitter]( | [Instagram]( | [Website]( ScifiPunks is a certified subgenre of Unofficial Punks™. Only 451 ScifiPunks will ever be released. ⚠️ This project pays homage to the OG cryptopunks project and is not affiliated with Larva Labs.
The Patternbase
Pattern-focused gallery, shop & nightclub. [ ](